Why Colombia

Colombia’s legal minimum wage for 2021 at $908,526 Colombian Pesos (COP) per month ($262.70 USD) as of January 1, 2021. 

As per DANE (National Administrative Department of Statistics), in 2020, monetary poverty was 42.5% and extreme monetary poverty was 15.1% at the country level.

17% of women from Cartagena live under extreme monetary poverty.


Why 20 de Julio Community

According to the DANE, 366.000 people live in extreme poverty in Cartagena. The 20 de Julio neigborhood is a low-income community with 1000+ residents.

An underprivileged community that has been impacted by poverty, gang violence, and the lack of resources such as clean water, electricity, food, proper sewerage, and many others.

The main sources of income are informal jobs such as “mototaxismo”, handyman and house cleaning jobs, and street food sales. 

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Community Stats

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